Autumn MacDuff is a Kelowna based videographer and photographer. She specializes in portraiture and branding photography, in addition to commercial, documentary and narrative Videography.

She has a heartfelt love of videography.  Using lighting techniques, chiaroscuro and Rembrandt lighting, in addition to a keen for set design and creative angles helps set a mood and tell many different stories. 

Autumn uses her images to reveal humanity, vulnerability, and authenticity in both her subjects and the subject matter. She believes the emotions and feelings  captured in a single image have a massive impact on people and their lives.

She has worked with people from many different walks of life. An open heart and mind creates a safe environment where her clients feel comfortable. 

Autumn's work has been recognized internationally. Her work has been accepted into several international photography competitions and she won Silver at the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards. 

She can be contacted at

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